Kuljaree Tantayakul

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The software integration with new network architectures via SDN (Software Defined Network) axis appears to be a major evolution of networks. While this paradigm was primarily developed for easy network setup, its ability to integrate services has also to be considered. Thus, the mobility service for which solutions have been proposed in conventional(More)
This paper presents a practical approach to connecting a home network to the IPv6 world. A number of connection methods have been proposed and deployed, some suitable for a rich network environment, e.g. enterprise networks. Home networks are particularly significant due to the large number of sites. Home networks are connected via a wide variety of access(More)
The paper focuses on the free products used to setup an Software-Defined Network by emulation and real experimentation. Because SDN networking is a challenging research area, objective of this paper is to provide assistance to researchers wishing to evaluate their SDN work in an experimental setting. In this paper, two collections of open source OpenFlow(More)
Next step of mobile is coming with 5G architecture where Software Defined Networking (SDN) will play a key role. Beyond the centralization of the control that alleviates the data forwarding task, because routing tables can be simply changed to reflect the mobile localization, we propose a new paradigm based on caching function to improve the quality of(More)
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