Kulit Na Nakorn

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NS-2 is the most famous simulator among other network simulators. Most of researchers use NS-2 to evaluate their new protocols/architectures. Although NS-2 has much resource and many available tools to generate different characteristics and network scenarios, source codes created on NS-2 is not able to be reused for real implementation. The releasing of(More)
IEEE 802.11p is an approved amendment to the IEEE 802.11 standard and adds enhancements to 802.11 to be suitable for vehicular networks. Several researchers have evaluated the 802.11p in term of transmission range and propagation loss model. In this paper, we study a performance of a complex reliable broadcasting protocol on IEEE 802.11p in real public(More)
In the future, VANET and IEEE 802.11p will play important role in ITS with many applications that improve the quality of traffic. Road environment is one of factors that influences the performance of the wireless communication. Especially for blind corner, the buildings which obstruct the signal may be a big challenge for the data transmission of safety(More)
Boat is one of the most popular vehicles for local people and tourists to travel in Bangkok, Thailand, since there is no traffic jam. Without accurate arrival time, however, boat becomes an inconvenient transportation since the waiting time can be varied from 10 minutes to an hour. In this paper, we propose a novel boat arrival time prediction system by(More)
Mobile phone is now becoming a necessary gadget in our daily life. Mobile applications have been proposed to advance the function of mobile phone. Location service application is a kind of mobile application that provides location information such as current location of the mobile phone. GPS is the popular technology for location service on mobile phone(More)
The accretion of smartphone affects to a proliferation of demand in location service and system. A GPS is one of the famous technologies for localization because GPS can localize accurately when devices are outdoor. But when devices are indoor, GPS signal will be blocked by wall and roof. In order to create indoor localization system, there are many(More)
In present, IEEE 802.11p is a standard for vehicle communication which can enhance quality of road transportation. The communication in non-line-of-sight is an important scenario that has to be inspected deeply. Because in non-line-of-sight or blind corner scenario, the signals may be obstructed. This reason would lead to communication loss, and be a big(More)
In this technology emerging era, the number of websites is increasing dramatically. The content and category of information are overflowing the Internet World. Finding the right information from almost a billion of websites is considerably hard, but finding the accurate and quality one is even harder. Hence, the need of website categorization's demand is(More)