Kuldip Kumar

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INTRODUCTION Depression affects nearly 350 million people worldwide and is currently among the most disabling diagnosis in the world. Caregiver burden can be immense in unipolar depression. The present study seeks to fill the knowledge gap by evaluating sociodemographic factors affecting psychological health and burden in caregivers of patients with(More)
A 12 year old boy presented with the clinical picture of secondary mania. Neuropsychological examination revealed significant prefrontal disturbance. The overlap in the clinical presentation of secondary mania and frontal lobe syndromes is highlighted. At least some of the so called frontal lobe syndromes can he considered as secondary mania.
INTRODUCTION The problem of triple diagnosis of HIV, substance abuse and psychiatric disorders is a complex one with difficult solutions. HIV disease progression is affected by substance use as well as psychiatric illness burden due to both direct as well as indirect factors. Continuing substance abuse with poor drug adherence coexists with psychiatric(More)
Gender identity disorder is one of the most controversial diagnoses of DSM-IV and almost incomparable in the complexity of its social, ethical and political considerations to any other diagnosis. We present a case of 30 year-old male who presented with complaints of suggestive of depressive disorder with a recent suicidal attempt. Careful history taking(More)
The objective of this research is to quantify the effects of liquid swine manure application on antibiotic and nutrient (N and P) losses via surface runoff and subsurface drainage under a conventional (moldboard plowing) and a conservation (chisel plowing) tillage system. The field experiment is set up at the University of Minnesota Southwest Research and(More)
Cognition refers to the mental processes involved in thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem solving. Cognitive dysfunctions are an integral part of neuropsychiatric disorders as well as in healthy ageing. Cognitive Enhancers are molecules that help improve aspects of cognition like memory, intelligence, motivation, attention and concentration.(More)
OBJECTIVES Depressive disorders are one of the leading components of the global burden of disease with a prevalence of up to 14% in the general population. Numerous studies have demonstrated that pharmacotherapy combined with non-pharmacological measures offer the best treatment approach. Psycho-education as an intervention has been studied mostly in(More)
Twin reversed arterial perfusion (TRAP) sequence, is a rare malformation occurring in monozygotic multiple gestations. One well-developed normal (pump) twin and the other twin with absent cardiac structure (acardiac), who is hemodynamically dependent on the normal (pump) twin are characteristic of this syndrome. The acardiac twin develops multiple anomalies(More)
We report a case of Type 1 Renal Tubular Acidosis (RTA) in association with sensorineural deafness. Inherited Type 1 RTA is usually autosomal dominant, though there is a rarer recessive form associated with nerve deafness. Simple alkali replacement can correct the systemic metabolic defect, but does not appear to ameliorate hearing loss.
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