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There are numerous problems associated with current system which are solving the problem of automatic currency classification. Some of the problems administered are like scaling, rotation and noise in the form of missing valuable data in printing or due to the wear and tear of currency notes. In our system we are first aligning the image horizontally along(More)
In this paper we have presented two different designs for 8-bit comparator, one is conventional comparator and other is low power comparator. First of all we have designed conventional comparator and using this 8 bit comparator is implemented. The circuit produces 2 output X and Y. X is active when A>;B, X is not active when A<;B or A=B. Y is active(More)
This paper deals with the design and analysis of 1Kb 6-T Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) at 180nm, focusing on optimizing power and delay. This paper contains two types of architecture to design SRAM, one is bank partitioning architecture and other is matrix array. In memory bank architecture SRAM is divided into 4 blocks with each block having equal(More)
The sugarcane plants were grown on two non-calcareous sandy loam soils of different fertility with three levels of nitrogen (0-150 kg N/ha) both in the presence and the absence of gamma BHC. On the soil of higher fertility with respect to total mineralizable N the response to gamma BHC was higher and there was practically no response to nitrogen even up to(More)
Paper examines the delay of Current Mirror Sense amplifier by chang of Vdd and Vtn and also verifies the various result Like Slew Rate, Noise Margin, Power consumption, Voltage Gain, CMRR, Offset Voltage Sensitivity at 180 nm technology. Paper shows that when Vdd increases circuit Ability to avoid the noise increases but power consumption are increases and(More)
During the last decades the electronic technology has faced drastic changes mainly to reduce the circuit as small as possible and hence came the MOS technology. This basic need arised because as the conventional silicon metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) approaches its scaling limit, quantum mechanical effects are expected to become(More)
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