Kuldeep Nagi

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The emergence of the information age has changed the world forever. The Internet and frantic growth in communication technologies have had one of the most profound and visible effects of any invention in modern history. Web technologies have changed how we communicate, how we make purchases, and how we learn and educate ourselves. There is a strong belief(More)
Interactivity in a virtual learning environment is the art of instigating interactions and facilitating communication between leaning objects (LOs) and learners. In order to investigate the level of usage of various learning objects (LOs) all data must be recorded after a student logs-on to the system. All Learning Management Systems (LMSs), whether(More)
After centuries of little change, the role of the Guru or a teacher as it has been traditionally defined and practiced in Asia is on the verge of becoming an anachronism. Now it is Google, not the Guru who has all answers to the questions of life and learning. New and emerging eLearning and mLearning technologies are harnessing the power of Internet at a(More)
Six Sigma method claims that focusing on reduction of variation will lead to reduction in defects in a business product. Its prestige and value is well known within the manufacturing industry. However, it is seldom applied to educational products such as courseware produced and used in higher education. It is beginning to be recognized as key process for(More)
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