Kulasekaran A. Sivakumar

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Ensuring cryptographic integrity of the route discovery process in on demand ad hoc routing approaches like dynamic source routing (DSR) require the ability to verify that no nodes have been deleted from the path, and no node can be inserted in the path without a valid authentication. We discuss the need for early detection of inconsistencies involving(More)
Assuring cryptographic integrity of mutable fields in any on-demand ad hoc routing protocol is more challenging than that of non mutable fields. We propose an efficient authentication strategy for this purpose, which leverages a proposed broadcast encryption (BE) scheme. We investigate some shortcomings of SAODV, a popular secure extension of the ad hoc(More)
Ariadne is a popular secure ad hoc routing protocol based on the dynamic source routing (DSR) protocol. While Ariadne was designed to be capable of detecting attacks by non colluding attackers, it does not include measures to identify or narrow down perpetrators responsible for such attacks. We propose some modifications to Ariadne to improve its(More)
MANET(mobile ad-hoc networks) is a type of network in which mobile nodes communicate to each other via radio waves. MANET is self configuring, infrastructure-less and robust network that's why nowadays its routing protocols become active research area. In this paper , literature survey of on-demand AODV and DSR routing protocols is to be discussed with(More)
One-way links are an unavoidable reality in wireless channels. The detrimental effects of one way links on many routing strategies, including the dynamic source routing protocol (DSR), have been investigated by many researchers. Apart from reducing the efficiency of DSR, we point out that disregarding possible one-way links also has some implications on the(More)
In wired networks routers are aware of all other routers to which they are directly connected. In contrast, in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) a mobile router (node) will not be aware of all nodes within its transmission range. While many MANET routing protocols have been proposed in the literature, only few of them mandate proactive neighborhood discovery(More)
Cloud computing is an evolving paradigm, as the NIST defines cloud computing is the internet based computing where the shared servers virtually provides service, software, infrastructure, platform, and other devices and resources and hosting to the customers on a Pay – as – you – use basis. It also enables the convenient, on – demand network access to a(More)
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