Kuk Won Ko

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In this paper, we described an approach ,to automation of visual inspection of solder joint defects of SMC(suface mounted components) on PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) by using neural network and fizzy rule-based classification method. Inherent&, suface of the solder joints is curved, tiny and specular reflective; it induces a difiiccul~ of taking good image(More)
s Automation of welding process in shipyard is ultimately necessary, since welding site is spatially enclosed by jloors and girders, and therefore welding operators are exposed to hostile working conditions. To solve this problem, recently a robotic welding system f o r closed block assembly has been developed. For complete autonomy, this system needs a(More)
In this paper; we described an approach to automation of visual inspection of BGA solder joint defects of surface mounted components on printed circuit board by using neural network. Inherently, the BGA solder joints are located below its own package body, and this induces a diflculty of taking good image of the solder joints by using conventional imaging(More)
This study investigates a medical headlamp which is designed to adjust LED light automatically on the X axis and Y axis plane as determined a surgeon during a surgery. The needs of surgeons are determined through a CMOS camera which detects the movement of the eye. The system is composed of a mechanical actuator and an electrical control center. The LED(More)
This paper presents a development of automatic complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) camera inspection system to examine defects. The image capture board based on embedded linux using system-on-a-chip (SoC) and a complex programmable logic device (CPLD) is developed to capture CMOS sensor data. The captured sensor data is transferred to the host(More)
s In this paper, we present the design and the structure of our multiple micro-robot system, CENDORI, designed for playing a robot soccer game, MIROSOT Robot soccer game is a very complex robot application that incorporates real-time vision, robot control, wireless communication and management of multiple robots. To build a robot system with high(More)
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