Kuisen Deng

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A novel compact quadruplexer based on defected stepped impedance resonator (DSIR) with high isolation is presented in this paper. The proposed quadruplexer consists of a common input feeding line, four kinds of folded DSIRs and four individual output feeding lines. Considering the loading effect among channel filters, the input DSIRs must be properly(More)
High voltage radio frequency (RF) supply is a critical part in the ion trap system. To predict the resonant frequency of the RF supply for the ion trap, we model the helical resonator and the ion trap as a lumped element circuit. Based on the model we present the construction process of a helical resonator. We measured resonant frequency for different(More)
An Al<sup>+</sup> ion optical clock is under development at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China. We have successfully crystallized Magnesium ions. Through micromotion compensation and trapping parameters optimization, temperature of a trapped single ion is lowered to be around 19 mK.
Applications of rechargeable non-lithium-ion batteries (Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, and Al3+ NLIBs) are significantly hampered by the deficiency of suitable electrode materials. Searching for anode materials with desirable electrochemical performance is urgent for the large-scale energy storage demands of next generation renewable energy technologies. In this(More)
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