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BACKGROUND Gastric duplication cysts are rare congenital abnormalities, and malignant transformation of these duplications is also thought to be rare. CASE PRESENTATION During a routine health checkup, a 28-year-old man underwent abdominal sonography followed by computed tomography (CT) with contrast agent, which revealed a cystic lesion with no(More)
A new class of multifunctional nanobubble using poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) has been developed as ultrasound imaging contrast agents, doxorubicin carriers, and enhancers of ultrasound-mediated drug delivery. The doxorubicin nanobubble (DOX-NB) wrapping carbon tetrafluoride gas was prepared with double emulsion method. We evaluated the enhanced(More)
BACKGROUND FOXJ1, which is a forkhead transcription factor, has been previously studied mostly as a ciliary transcription factor. The role of FOXJ1 in cancer progression is still elusive and controversial. In the present study, the effect of FOXJ1 in progression of colorectal cancer (CRC) was investigated. MATERIAL AND METHODS The pattern of FOXJ1(More)
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