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BACKGROUND Tumors affecting the head, neck, and brain account for significant morbidity and mortality. The curative efficacy of radiotherapy for these tumors is well established, but radiation carries a significant risk of neurologic injury. So far, neuroprotective therapies for radiation-induced brain injury are still limited. In this study we demonstrate(More)
Four natural chalcones bearing prenyl or geranyl groups, i.e., bavachalcone (1a), xanthoangelol (1b), isobavachalcone (1c), and isoxanthoangelol (1d) were synthesized by using a regio-selective iodination and the Suzuki coupling reaction as key steps. The first total synthesis of isoxanthoangelol (1d) was achieved in 36% overall yield. A series of(More)
Oxidative stress caused by ionizing radiation is involved in neuronal damage in a number of disorders, including trauma, stroke, Alzheimer's disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Ionizing radiation can lead to the formation of free radicals, which cause neuronal apoptosis and have important roles in the development of some types of chronic brain(More)
Iodine-catalyzed thiolation of electron-rich aromatics, including substituted anisole, thioanisole, phenol, toluene, and naphthalene, using sulfonyl hydrazides as sulfenylation reagents was carried out. Sulfonothioates, the products of decomposition of sulfonyl hydrazides in the presence of iodine, are proposed as the major sulfenylation species in this(More)
Aryl pyrazolone thioethers were synthesized via the I2-catalysed cross-coupling of pyrazolones with aryl sulphonyl hydrazides in the presence of p-toluenesulphonic acid, which has been proposed to promote the reaction by facilitating the decomposition of sulphonyl hydrazides.
A novel triphenylphosphine-mediated direct trifluoromethylthiolation of indole derivatives using trifluoromethanesulfonyl chloride as the SCF3 source was developed. Sodium iodide facilitated this transformation by generating iodine in situ which was found to accelerate this transformation. The use of a transition metal-free protocol, readily available(More)