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The effects of inspiratory muscle (IM) warm-up on IM function and on the maximum distance covered in a subsequent incremental badminton-footwork test (FWmax) were examined. Ten male badminton players were recruited to perform identical tests in three different trials in a random order. The control trial did not involve an IM warm-up, whereas the placebo and(More)
BACKGROUND Tumors affecting the head, neck, and brain account for significant morbidity and mortality. The curative efficacy of radiotherapy for these tumors is well established, but radiation carries a significant risk of neurologic injury. So far, neuroprotective therapies for radiation-induced brain injury are still limited. In this study we demonstrate(More)
Tightly regulated Ca(2+) homeostasis is a prerequisite for proper cardiac function. To dissect the regulatory network of cardiac Ca(2+) handling, we performed a chemical suppressor screen on zebrafish tremblor embryos, which suffer from Ca(2+) extrusion defects. Efsevin was identified based on its potent activity to restore coordinated contractions in(More)
l-dopa-l-Tyr was synthesized by Fmoc solid-phase peptide synthesis, purified by reversed-phase HPLC and characterized by using 1H, 13C NMR and ESI–MS analyses. The interaction of l-dopa-l-Tyr and l-dopa with ctDNA has been investigated respectively by UV–vis absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy. The results showed that both l-dopa and l-dopa-l-Tyr(More)
Indoles, a group of alkaloids, showed a wide range of biological activities. Recently, there is a growing tendency to develop some new methods for the synthesis of novel indoles derivatives and to study their biological properties. In this paper, we like to report the design and synthesis of a novel series of tricyclic indoles through several efficient(More)
To solve cascade arising problem of traditional networks under coal mine, this paper has proposed an EPON based Communication Service Framework (E-CSF) under Coal Mine. First, the structure, principles and characteristics of EPON network are analyzed, which focuses on the application of EPON network for the construction of safety information network under(More)
A Photo acoustic image reconstruction method based on genetic algorithm is first proposed for the circular scanning configuration of photo acoustic tomography when the scanning step is large and the number of detecting position is small. This method can also be used for circular sparse-array detection. It combines the properties of global search and(More)
Previous studies have confirmed that oxidized adenosine triphosphate, a P2X7 receptor antagonist, attenuates lipopolysaccharide-mediated microglial activation and inflammatory expression following neuronal damage in rat brain. NaCl and temperature may affect the potency of oxidized adenosine triphosphate. Brilliant blue G is a derivative of a widely used(More)