Kui Du

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In corporate spin-offs, spun-off units pursue two major objectives: separating and restructuring their business for independent operation; and retaining business continuity and minimizing operational disruptions. In trying to balance the conflicting demands of these objectives, spun-off units often turn to " transitional IT services " provided by their(More)
Prior research has paid very little attention, if at all, to the risks and costs entailed in IT disintegration processes. In this study, we begin addressing this gap by studying how IT disintegration challenges posed by corporate divestitures affect the regulatory compliance risks and costs of divesting firms in the context of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002(More)
Cognitive dexterity is a collective level dynamic capability to rapidly intuit, interpret, integrate and assimilate knowledge from a variety of sources in order to promote enhanced ideation in a firm. Building on the social capital theory and the theory of organizational learning, we developed a conceptual model that we are in the process of validating by(More)