Kui Du

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Although deformation processes in submicron-sized metallic crystals are well documented, the direct observation of deformation mechanisms in crystals with dimensions below the sub-10-nm range is currently lacking. Here, through in situ high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) observations, we show that (1) in sharp contrast to what happens(More)
BACKGROUND Commercial production of microalgal biodiesel is not yet economically viable, largely because of low storage lipid yield in microalgae mass cultivation. Selection of lipid-rich microalgae, thus, becomes one of the key research topics for microalgal biodiesel production. However, the laboratory screening protocols alone cannot predict the ability(More)
Cognitive dexterity is a collective level dynamic capability to rapidly intuit, interpret, integrate and assimilate knowledge from a variety of sources in order to promote enhanced ideation in a firm. Building on the social capital theory and the theory of organizational learning, we developed a conceptual model that we are in the process of validating by(More)
This paper studies the strategic management of information technology in periods of extreme organizational disequilibrium. In such periods, critical business parameters such as industry positioning, competitive strategies, organizational structures, leadership, and business processes change significantly and simultaneously, thus disrupting the very(More)