Kuhan Perampaladas

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BACKGROUND There has been a growing interest around the world in developing country-specific scoring algorithms for the EQ-5D. This study systematically reviews all existing EQ-5D valuation studies to highlight their strengths and limitations, explores heterogeneity in observed utilities using meta-regression, and proposes a methodological checklist for(More)
EQ-5D-3L scoring algorithms vary amongst countries, not only in the values of regression coefficients but also in the independent variables included in the regression model (hereafter referred to as model specification). It is unclear how much of this variation is due to differences in health state selection, the relative frequencies with which health(More)
BACKGROUND Canadian inflammatory bowel disease patients treated with infliximab are predominantly managed through a nationwide case management system, named BioAdvance(®). METHODS A web-based survey was provided to patients currently receiving infliximab therapy within BioAdvance(®). Patients were categorized according to health trajectories: decliners,(More)
OBJECTIVES Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are a subtype of artificial neural network that have shown strong performance in computer vision tasks including image classification. To date, there has been limited application of CNNs to chest radiographs, the most frequently performed medical imaging study. We hypothesize CNNs can learn to classify frontal(More)
BACKGROUND Stringent donor-screening criteria and legislation prohibiting payment for donor gametes have contributed to the radical decline of donor insemination (DI) using sperm provided by Canadian men. Thus, many individuals rely on imported sperm. This paper examines the feasibility of an altruistic sperm donation (ASD) program to meet the needs of(More)
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