Kuen-Tsair Lay

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The authors provide a general framework for performing processing of stationary multichannel (MC) signals that is linear shift-invariant within channel and shift varying across channels. Emphasis is given to the restoration of degraded signals. It is shown that, by utilizing the special structure of semiblock circulant and block diagonal matrices, MC signal(More)
CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Image and blur models 3. Maximum likelihood (ML) parameter identification 3.1. Formulation 3.2. Constraints on the unknown parameters 4. ML parameter identification via the expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm 4.1. The EM algorithm in the linear Gaussian case 4.2. Choices of complete data 4.2.1. {x,y} as the complete data(More)
Robot systems, which are employed outside traditional manufacturing applications, so-called service robots or robot assistants, have by far not reached the economic potential of industrial robots yet. There are several factors, which explain this circumstance. Operating robots in unmodified natural environments inhabited by human beings imposes requirements(More)