Kuen-Tsair Lay

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The authors provide a general framework for performing processing of stationary multichannel (MC) signals that is linear shift-invariant within channel and shift varying across channels. Emphasis is given to the restoration of degraded signals. It is shown that, by utilizing the special structure of semiblock circulant and block diagonal matrices, MC signal(More)
It has long been recognized that diversity is one of the most effective countermeasures for fighting the occasional deep fades suffered in communications over fading channels. Recently, various schemes of adopting relays to assist a source so that together they constitute a diversity system have been widely investigated. Since cooperation between the source(More)
Digital watermarking is a technique that aims at hiding a message signal in a multimedia signal for copyright claim, authentication, device control, or broadcast monitoring, etc. In this paper, we focus on embedding watermarks into still images. We propose a blind watermarking scheme using orthonormal code spreading in the discrete wavelet transform (DWT)(More)
Powered by the pervasive penetration of inexpensive mobile devices and relevant APP's into our daily life, QR codes have found a wide range of applications in recent years. Therefore, the processing of the images of QR codes (also referred to as QR images) is an important task. In this paper, we try to deal with the scenario wherein the QR code is printed(More)
Network coding is a hot research topic due to its ability to improve network throughput and robustness. Most existing research on network coding assumes that the transmission between two nodes in a network is free of errors. Accompanying with this assumption is that nodes in the network always perform hard decisions regarding the received data bits. In this(More)