Kuen-Chu Lai

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AbstructIn this paper, we present a real-time computation algorithm based on the bufferless fluid flow model [6] for call admission control (CAC) on one link of an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) network with heterogeneous bursty traffic. Cell loss probability is adopted as the measure of quality-of-service (QoS). Our computation algorithm requires a(More)
In this paper we present a definition of burstiness for delay sensitive tmfic streams in terms of a function, i.e., the cell loss probability of a bufferless multiplexer at all non-negative link capacities. Some properties of Lhe definition are proved. On property implies any definition of burstiness in terms of a real number may not be appropriate. The(More)
Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) bring the convenience for daily access and infrastructure construction. To improve the throughput of WMN, more than one Internet gateway can be deployed to a WMN and the network throughput can be improved via well deployment of Internet gateways. Although the route redirection and the dynamic routing metrics can be used to(More)
Resource allocation is necessary for a network which guarantees quality of service (QoS). In this paper we first present a definition for a traffic stream to be burstier than another traffic stream. The definition is based on the loss probability of a bufferless multiplexer and thus is appropriate for delaysensitive traffic which cannot tolerate queueing(More)
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