Kuei Yu Wang

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In this paper we introduce a methodology for the analysis of the paging activity of parallel programs running on massively parallel systems. The methodology includes parallel program monitoring and the analysis of the collected data. We study the correlation of the paging activities of individual node programs in the SPMD execution mode and its effect on(More)
Uniprocessor system schedulers hide the high latency of a page fault, by performing a context switch from the process or thread experiencing the fault to another process ready to run. Gang scheduling attempts to schedule all the processes in a process group at the same time. Processes in a process group do not experience page faults at precisely the same(More)
In this work, a two prong dynamic paging activity data analysis is considered. The rrskyline analysis" studies how similar/dissimilar is the paging activity oj different node programs in SPMD execution mode. This analysis is done by determining the rate at which different events Deem", by isolating the peaks of activity from the background, and by(More)
We present a suite Df tools the Musketeers for monitoring and analysis of paging, I/O and communication activity of parallel programs. The tools support automatic instrumentation and allow the user to select the statements to be instrumented and to define the format of a trace record, and to include data from kernel structures and from the user's address(More)
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