Kuei-Cheng Lim

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Nerve growth factor mediates neuronal survival, synaptogenesis, and synaptic remodeling. We utilized primary hippocampal cultures to investigate the intrinsic motifs of proNGF that might contribute to its processing and subsequent allocation to a regulated versus constitutive secretory pathway. The addition of a carboxypeptidase E motif to proNGF did not(More)
Neurotrophins and synaptic activity work in conjunction during the process of synaptic plasticity. Both are required to stabilize new synaptic structures and the loss of either can lead to cognitive impairments, as new information cannot be stored efficiently or later recalled. Neurotrophins are becoming recognized as mediators of activity-dependent(More)
Nectins are cell adhesion molecules that, together with the intracellular binding partner afadin, mediate adhesion and signaling at a variety of intercellular junctions. In this work we studied the distribution of nectin-1 and afadin during hippocampal synapse formation using cultured primary hippocampal neurons. Nectin-1 and afadin cluster at developing(More)
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