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Robotics research and education have gained significant attention in recent years due to increased development and commercial deployment of industrial and service robots. A majority of researchers working on robot grasping and object manipulation tend to utilize commercially available robot-manipulators equipped with various end effectors for experimental(More)
This paper presents the preliminary work on prototype design and analysis of a 3D printed three-fingered underactuated robotic gripper with a breakaway clutch mechanism. An underactuated mechanical design, kinematics of gripper's finger and a breakaway clutch mechanism are described in details. These elements provide passive adaptive object grasping and(More)
This paper presents the design of a linkage based finger mechanism ensuring extended range of anthropomorphic gripping motions. The finger design is done using a path-point generation method based on geometrical dimensions and motion of a typical index human finger. Following the design description, and its kinematics analysis, the experimental evaluation(More)
The use of robotics in rehabilitation area provides a quantifying outcomes on treatment of after stroke patients. This paper presents the preliminary design of a novel exoskeleton robot, called NU-Wrist, for human wrist and forearm rehabilitation. The proposed robot design provides rotation within the anatomical range of human wrist and forearm motions. A(More)
Commercially available robotic grippers are often expensive and not easy to modify for specific purposes of robotics research and education. To extend the choice of robotic end effectors available to researchers, this paper presents the preliminary work on prototype design and analysis of a three-finger underactuated robotic end effector with a breakaway(More)
In this paper authors present an open source low-cost basic robotic end effector platform for facilitating research on robotic grasping. The 3D design model of a three fingered underactuated robotic gripper is presented and manufactured with minimal number of 3D printed components and an off-the-shelf servomotor actuator. An underactuated finger, gear train(More)
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