Kuansheng Zou

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Nowadays, swarm intelligence optimization has become an important optimization tool and wildly used in many fields of application. In contrast to many successful applications, the theoretical foundation is rather weak. Therefore, there are still many problems to be solved. One problem is how to quantify the performance of algorithm in finite time, that is,(More)
Nowadays, 3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D printing technologies are more and more popular, the number and size of 3D model dataset is growing dramatically. Since shape distribution based methods are easy to compute and invariant to geometric transformation, finding more useful features to refine the retrieval accuracy of shape distribution based methods is(More)
Ant colony optimization (ACO) as a kind of distributed intelligent bionic optimization algorithm has been widely used to solve a variety of optimization problems, especially combinatorial optimization problems. The model and management mechanism of pheromone are very important to the performance of ACO. The Max-Min ant system (MMAS) is a classical ACO(More)
The popularization of 3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D printing had created an urgent demand for effective and useful 3D model retrieval methods and systems. In this paper, a novel feature fusing method by using fuzzy clustering is proposed for 3D model retrieval. Given two 3D descriptors, where the dimension of one is short and of the other is long, fuzzy(More)
Based on the finite time convergence stability theory, a finite time convergent sliding-mode guidance law with terminal impact angle constraint is presented. By considering the dynamics of the acceleration autopilot of a missile as a first-order lag, the autopilot lag is designed in the guidance law. It is proved that the line-of-sight(LOS) rate can(More)
This paper deals with the analysis and design of the state estimator concerning BAM neural networks with time-varying delays of neutral type. Based on Lyapunov-Krasovskii theory and integral equality approach, the delay-dependent sufficient condition is obtained to ensure the closed-loop error system is globally asymptotically stable. Furthermore, the gain(More)
Nowadays, the rescue material was air-dropped to a set point exactly with parafoil was a key technology in a disaster or an emergency situation. With this background, a control method was proposed based on the interval type II fuzzy logic, which was according to the parafoil dynamical model with six degrees-of-freedom and combined with the cross track(More)
Nowadays, the methods and tools of the 3D technology and human body modeling are developed rapidly, learning and analyzing 3D body scans will accelerate the development of 3D modeling. In this research, a novel algorithm using intersection views is proposed for retrieving 3D body scans. An Asian Female Body Scan (AFBS) database is established by analyzing(More)
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