Kuangyi Liu

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A novel method for quantitation of cardiac muscle carnosine levels using HPLC-UV is described. In this simple and reliable method, carnosine from the rat cardiac muscle and the internal standard, thymopentin, were extracted by protein precipitation with acetonitrile. The method was linear up to 60.96 μg·mL(-1) for L-carnosine. The calibration curve was(More)
Viral disease is a calamity which absolutely can not be ignored for human health. The emergence of drug resistance and spread of new virus will be the new challenge against viral disease. To find and develop new antivirus agents with properties of safety, significant effect and low toxicity is the pressing question facing humans today. Because of its(More)
Currently the pharmacokinetic (PK) research of herbal medicines is still limited and facing critical technical challenges on quantitative analysis of multi-components from biological matrices which often accompanied by lacking of authentic standards and low concentration. This present work contributes to the development of an integrated strategy for(More)
Pulsatilla chinensis, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), has been used for treating amoebic diseases, vaginal trichomoniasis and bacterial infections over a long history. Now growing attention has been attracted to its antitumor activities. The purpose of this work was to compare the pharmacokinetic profiles of pulchinenosides in different formulations(More)
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