Kuang Yih Yeh

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The ability to respond to changes in the external and internal environments is a fundamental characteristic of intestinal structure and function. We compared the responses of the rat proximal and distal small intestine to the stresses of fasting and refeeding in the rat. In the duodenum, 3 days of starvation caused villus and crypt hypoplasia, reduced(More)
The divalent metal transporter (DMT1, also known as NRAMP2 or DCT1) is the likely target for regulation of intestinal iron absorption by iron stores. We investigated changes in intestinal DMT1 expression after a bolus of dietary iron in iron-deficient Belgrade rats homozygous for the DMT1 G185R mutation (b/b) and phenotypically normal heterozygous(More)
To study mother-to-infant transmission of GB virus C/hepatitis G virus (GBV-C/HGV), blood samples of infants born to carrier mothers were collected beginning 3 months after birth and were tested for GBV-C/HGV RNA until 1 year of age. Of 2046 mothers, 2.1% were positive for GBV-C/HGV RNA, and 25 of their infants were followed for a median of 12 months.(More)
We show that interleukin 3 (IL-3) enhances the generation of tumor-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) through the stimulation of host antigen-presenting cells (APCs). The BALB/c (H-2d) spontaneous lung carcinoma line 1 was modified by gene transfection to express ovalbumin as a nominal "tumor antigen" and to secrete IL-3, a cytokine enhancing myeloid(More)
Models so far considered as facility location problems treat either min–max or max–min criterion, that is, the facility is either desirable or undesirable. We propose the following model considering the satisfaction degree with respect to the distance from the facility for each customer (residents) and preference of the site in an urban area. The objective(More)
1. The proteins of the intestinal microvillus membrane have been studied during post-natal development in the rat (days 12--37). 2. In suckling animals (up to age 20 days), the majority of alkaline phosphatase, glucoamylase and lactase activities in the distal half of the intestine were located in the supernatant fraction (100000 X g, 60 min). These enzymes(More)
The lipid composition and fluidity of microvillus (luminal) membranes isolated from the small intestines of Fisher 344 rats aged 6, 17, and 117 weeks were compared. Lipid fluidity, as assessed by the fluorescence anisotropy of 1,6-diphenyl-1,3,5-hexatriene, was significantly greater in rats aged 6 weeks as compared to 17 or 117 weeks. A lipid thermotropic(More)
Lactase-phlorizin hydrolase (LPH) and sucrase-isomaltase (SI) are intestine-specific microvillus membrane hydrolases whose specific activities demonstrate reciprocal regulation during development but whose mechanisms of regulation have not been fully defined. To investigate transcriptional control of these two proteins, the rat LPH and SI genes were cloned,(More)