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Models so far considered as facility location problems treat either min–max or max–min criterion, that is, the facility is either desirable or undesirable. We propose the following model considering the satisfaction degree with respect to the distance from the facility for each customer (residents) and preference of the site in an urban area. The objective(More)
Recent studies have reported that APC can present particulate exogenous Ag in the context of class I MHC to CD8+ CTL, and our laboratory demonstrated that IL-3 could enhance CTL generation to exogenous Ag. In this paper, we wished to determine whether presentation of particulate Ag could be enhanced by IL-3. A T cell hybridoma, B3Z86/90.14 (B3Z) restricted(More)
1. The proteins of the intestinal microvillus membrane have been studied during post-natal development in the rat (days 12--37). 2. In suckling animals (up to age 20 days), the majority of alkaline phosphatase, glucoamylase and lactase activities in the distal half of the intestine were located in the supernatant fraction (100000 X g, 60 min). These enzymes(More)
The biosynthesis and intracellular transport of glycoproteins in duodenal absorptive cells of intact rats at 6 and 24 days and hypophysectomized rats at 24 days of age were studied after 20 min intralumenal pulse-labeling of D-[3H]galactose, L-[3H]fucose, or D-[3H]mannose. Autoradiographic studies showed that the incorporation of sugars increased(More)
Intestinal lactase activity, which is high in the infant rat intestine but falls to a low level by the end of the third week, fails to decline in animals hypophysectomized at the age of 6 days. Treating these animals with thyroxine lowers lactase activity to the control level at 24 days, but cortisone is only partly effective. Thyroidectomy at 6 days also(More)
The proximal small intestine responds to starvation by rapidly reducing crypt cell proliferation rate and villus cellularity and to resumption of food intake (refeeding) by abruptly increasing proliferation and the number of villus epithelial cells. We show that villus cellularity responds to starvation and refeeding similarly in young and aging animals.(More)
Interactions of cortisone and thyroxine (T4) in modulating jejunal sucrase and lactase expression were studied in rats during early postnatal life. Cortisone (50 micrograms/g body wt) precociously induced sucrase activity in days 5-16 rats and enhanced activity thereafter until day 22. T4 (1 microgram/g) plus cortisone evoked greater sucrase expression in(More)