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BACKGROUND The assessment of needs for cancer care is a critical step in providing high quality care and achieving cancer patients' and families' satisfaction. Instruments can be used to assess needs and guide cancer care planning. This study discusses the importance of the needs assessment, relationships between needs, satisfaction and quality of life; and(More)
BACKGROUND Personal health records (PHRs) and the sharing of health information through health information exchange (HIE) have been advocated as key new components in the effective delivery of modern health care. It is important to understand consumer attitudes toward utilization of PHRs and HIE to evaluate the public's willingness to adopt these new health(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and validate the Readiness for Implementation Model (RIM). This model predicts a healthcare organization's potential for success in implementing an interactive health communication system (IHCS). The model consists of seven weighted factors, with each factor containing five to seven elements. DESIGN Two decision-analytic approaches,(More)
To understand the underlying psychosocial reactions against the unfolding of medical events that announce the disease progression, the objective of this analysis was to identify the patterns of online discussion group message themes in relation to the medical timeline of one woman's breast cancer trajectory. 202 messages posted by Darlene (our studied case)(More)
BACKGROUND Underserved women are at high risk for smoking relapse after childbirth due to their unique socioeconomic and postpartum stressors and barriers. Mobile text messaging technology allows delivery of relapse prevention programs targeted to their personal needs over time. OBJECTIVE To describe the development of a social-cognitive theory-based and(More)
OBJECTIVE Although African American (AA) men are at elevated risk for prostate cancer, medical guidelines do not present consistent screening recommendations for this group. However, all guidelines stress the need for screening decision making with a provider. This study evaluated the effectiveness of a brochure for the female partners of AA men, designed(More)
At the Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC), a research facility and hospital in Philadelphia, PA USA, after patients are treated and are discharged, clinicians monitor them for a period of time to ensure patients follow therapeutic procedures, adhere to their medication schedules and are making the right steps towards recovery. With a large volume of patients,(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer is one of the most common diseases that patients research on the Internet. The Commission on Cancer (CoC) recommended that Parkland Memorial Hospital (PMH) improve the oncology services website. PMH is Dallas County's public health care facility, serving a largely uninsured, minority population. Most research regarding patient Internet use(More)
Based on the cognitive-social health information processing model, we identified cognitive profiles of women at risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Prior to genetic counselling, participants (N = 171) completed a study questionnaire concerning their cognitive and affective responses to being at genetic risk. Using cluster analysis, four cognitive profiles(More)