Kuang-Yen Chen

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Monolayers of fluorinated light-driven molecular motors were synthesized and immobilized on gold films in an altitudinal orientation via tripodal stators. In this design the functionalized molecular motors are not interfering and preserve their rotary function on gold. The wettability of the self-assembled monolayers can be modulated by UV irradiation.
The design, synthesis, and dynamic behavior of a series of novel tetrapodal molecular switches and motors containing common functional groups for attachment to various inorganic and organic surfaces are presented. Using a Diels-Alder reaction, an anthracene unit with four functionalized alkyl substituents ("legs") was coupled to maleimide-functionalized(More)
Centrosymmetric furan-containing cyclophandienes 3 and 4, synthesized by our furan annulation protocol, have been shown to exhibit extraordinarily large Stokes shifts and second-order nonlinear optical beta values. The beta values for 3 and 4 measured at 1.32 mum are 208 and 530x10(-30) esu, respectively. The beta values of 3 and 4 are similar to those of(More)
Toward the development of visible-light-driven molecular rotary motors, an overcrowded alkene-based ligand and the corresponding ruthenium(II) complex is presented. In our design, a 4,5-diazafluorenyl coordination motif is directly integrated into the motor function. The photochemical and thermal isomerization behavior has been studied by UV/Vis and NMR(More)
In order to improve the rotary motion of surface assembled light-driven molecular motors, tetra-acid-functionalized motors were bound to an amine-coated quartz surface without prior activation of the acid groups. In contrast to earlier bipodal motors, the tetravalent motor showed no significant reduction in the rotation speed when attached to a surface.
We report the synthesis of altitudinal molecular motors that contain functional groups in their rotor part. In an approach to achieve dynamic control over the properties of solid surfaces, a hydrophobic perfluorobutyl chain and a relatively hydrophilic cyano group were introduced to the rotor part of the motors. Molecular motors were attached to quartz(More)
Decagram quantities of enantiopure (+)-mefloquine have been produced via kinetic resolution of racemic mefloquine using a ROMP-gel supported chiral acyl hydroxamic acid resolving agent. The requisite monomer was prepared in a few synthetic steps without chromatography and polymerization was safely performed on a >30 gram scale under ambient conditions. The(More)
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