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The properties of underwater acoustic channel are quite different from those of terrestrial wireless sensor networks, which brings many challenges to design an efficient media access control (MAC) protocol for underwater acoustic sensor networks (UWASNs). In order to overcome the long propagation delay and the funneling effect of UWASNs, a MAC protocol,(More)
In cognitive radio (CR) networks, secure spectrum sensing is a very important issue. The primary user emulation attack (PUEA), a special attack of the spectrum sensing technology in CR Networks, reduces the spectrum utilization obviously. And our analysis reveals the undetected PUEA can prevent unlicensed users from accessing the space licensed spectrum(More)
DVB-T is a popular digital video broadcasting standard for wireless digital terrestrial television implementation. Program clock reference, PCR in short, is an important time stamp in DVB-T transport stream. The reason PCR jitter based on DVB-T standard is analyzed and some methods for PCR jitter correction are described and compared. A new method to(More)