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Multivideo summarization aims to fuze multiple videos of sightseeing into a condensed, descriptive, and aesthetically pleasing one. It is a useful technique that can be applied for video displaying, storage, and communication. In this paper, we propose a new summarization technique that enforces video stability and preserves well-aesthetic frames. In(More)
In this demo, we present myDJ, a karaoke recommendation system which recommends the songs people are capable to sing. Different from the existing song recommendation systems which recommend songs people like to listen, myDJ can recommend proper songs according to a subject's physical phonation area. It consists of a singer profiler to analyze the subject's(More)
Singing is a popular social activity and a good way of expressing one's feelings. One important reason for unsuccessful singing performance is because the singer fails to choose a suitable song. In this paper, we propose a novel singing competence-based song recommendation framework. It is distinguished from most existing music recommendation systems which(More)
Nowadays, an increasing number of singing enthusiasts upload their cover songs and share their performances in online social singing communities. They can also listen and rate other users' song renderings. An important feature of the social singing communities is to recommend appropriate singing-songs which users are able to perform excellently. In this(More)
In today’s rapid growth of volume of multimedia data, security is important yet challenging problem in multimedia applications. Image, which covers the highest percentage of the multimedia data, it is very important for multimedia security. Image segmentation is utilized as a fundamental preprocessing of various multimedia applications such as surveillance(More)