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—The faults of rotating machinery monitored by fixing the sensors on rotor directly brings some problems such as difficulty in fixing the sensors, poor universality and so on, while it brings some advantages such as rapidness, convenience and good universality and so on by fixing the sensors on the base. Since the base is far away from the fault source, the(More)
—The ethernet technology is used in multi-arc submerged arc welding systems communicate with each other. The structure of twin-arc high-speed SAW (Submerged arc welding) equipments based on Ethernet is proposed. The welding equipment technical requirement for Ethernet is discussed. The crucial implementations of Ethernet TCP / IP in the welding equipment is(More)
The thermo-elastic fracture problem and equations are established for aluminium alloy Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, which include a moving heat source and a thermoelasticity equation with the initial and boundary conditions for a plate structure with a crack. The extended finite element method (XFEM) is implemented to solve the thermo-elastic fracture(More)
Abstract: A harmonic suppression method of variable frequency drive (VFD) based on bacterial foraging algorithm is developed in this study. The objective function to minimise total harmonic distortion (THD) with certain constraints is established. In order to solve a series of nonlinear transcendental equation, use bacterial foraging algorithm to get the(More)
—The rolling process of precision profile used for piston ring is simulated by large general-purpose explicit dynamic finite element analysis software ANSYS/LS_DYNA. The modeling of finite element models, the selection of material models and element types, the meshing of the model are introduced in detail. The rolling metal flow rulers of each pass are(More)
A vibration signal analysis system introduced by this paper adopts hybrid programming of Matlab and Delphi, using data file for agency to achieve data communication. The procedure of signal analysis system is written and turned into the independent executable file under the environment of Matlab, which is called under the environment of Delphi. The system(More)
—The use of time-frequency entropy to quantitatively assess the stability of alternating current square wave submerged arc welding process considering the distribution features of arc energy is reported in this paper. Time-frequency entropy is employed to calculate and analyze the current signals under different duty cycle, frequency and welding speed in(More)
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