Kuan Zheng

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Diverse array of biopolymers and second metabolites (particularly polyketide natural products) has been manufactured in nature through an enzymatic iterative assembly of simple building blocks. Inspired by this strategy, molecules with inherent modularity can be efficiently synthesized by repeated succession of similar reaction sequences. This privileged(More)
A "stop-and-flow" strategy was developed for the chemoselective dioxygenation of alkenes with a PIFA-initiated cyclization. This method is conceived for the desymmetrization of seco-diene, and a series of substituted 5-hydroxymethyl-γ-lactones were constructed after hydrolysis. This strategy also differentiates terminally substituted alkenes and constitutes(More)
A kinetic resolution of α-allenic alcohols is realized through chiral silver phosphate-catalyzed cycloisomerization with high stereoselectivity (selectivity factor up to 189) and tolerance of a variety of functional groups. A mechanistic model is proposed to interpret the origin of the high stereoselectivity and broad substrate scope.
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