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In data stream clustering, it is desirable to have algorithms that are able to detect clusters of arbitrary shape, clusters that evolve over time, and clusters with noise. Existing stream data clustering algorithms are generally based on an online-offline approach: The online component captures synopsis information from the data stream (thus, overcoming(More)
Smart grid, envisioned as an indispensable power infrastructure, is featured by real-time and two-way communications. How to securely retrieve and audit the communicated metering data for validation testing is, however, still challenging for smart grid. In this paper, we propose a novel privacy-preserving range query (PaRQ) scheme over encrypted metering(More)
This article has been accepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully edited. Content may change prior to final publication. Abstract—The roaming service enables mobile subscribers to access the Internet service anytime and anywhere, which can fulfill the requirement of ubiquitous access for the emerging paradigm of(More)
—Carpooling, as an effective and eco-friendly travel mode, becomes a kind of public spontaneous behavior with multiple travellers sharing a vehicle to reduce individuals' travel cost, carbon emissions and traffic congestion. Although ubiquitous network access offers great convenience for travellers to find carpools, the safety becomes a big obstacle for(More)
Notch1 is a transcription factor on the membrane and regulates various stages of neurogenesis. Recently, studies have shown that in vitro neurogenesis is enhanced by hypoxia, and there is cross-coupling between Notch and hypoxia signaling pathways in vitro. However, to date, no data have reported whether Notch1 can be regulated by hypoxia in vivo and(More)
Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs), as a promising health-care system, can timely monitor human physiological parameters. Due to the limitation of communications, power, storage and computation in WBANs, a cloud assisted WBAN flourishes and provides more reliable, real-time, and intelligent health-care services for patients and mobile users. However , it(More)
Neurogenesis in the adult brain occurs mainly within two neurogenic structures, the dentate gyrus (DG) of the hippocampus and the sub-ventricular zone (SVZ) of the forebrain. It has been reported that mild hypoxia promoted the proliferation of Neural Stem Cells (NSCs)in vitro. Our previous study further demonstrated that an external hypoxic environment(More)
Oxygen is vital to maintain the normal functions of almost all the organs, especially for brain which is one of the heaviest oxygen consumers in the body. The important roles of oxygen on the brain are not only reflected in the development, but also showed in the pathological processes of many cerebral diseases. In the current review, we summarized the(More)
Multimedia services, smart phones and traditional online multimedia applications are enlarged to mobile users anywhere and anytime. However, the successful of multimedia services is now delayed by inherent security and privacy concerns. In this paper, we investigate the security and privacy issues of multimedia services by studying a newly emerging(More)