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In data stream clustering, it is desirable to have algorithms that are able to detect clusters of arbitrary shape, clusters that evolve over time, and clusters with noise. Existing stream data clustering algorithms are generally based on an online-offline approach: The online component captures synopsis information from the data stream (thus, overcoming(More)
Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs), as a promising health-care system, can timely monitor human physiological parameters. Due to the limitation of communications, power, storage and computation in WBANs, a cloud assisted WBAN flourishes and provides more reliable, real-time, and intelligent health-care services for patients and mobile users. However , it(More)
Multimedia services, smart phones and traditional online multimedia applications are enlarged to mobile users anywhere and anytime. However, the successful of multimedia services is now delayed by inherent security and privacy concerns. In this paper, we investigate the security and privacy issues of multimedia services by studying a newly emerging(More)
A new method for measuring and characterizing free-living human locomotion is presented. A portable device was developed to objectively record and measure foot-ground contact information in every step for up to 24h. An artificial neural network (ANN) was developed to identify the type and intensity of locomotion. Forty subjects participated in the study.(More)
—In this paper, we study user profile matching with privacy-preservation in mobile social networks (MSNs) and introduce a family of novel profile matching protocols. We first propose an explicit Comparison-based Profile Matching protocol (eCPM) which runs between two parties, an initiator and a responder. The eCPM enables the initiator to obtain the(More)
Smart grid, envisioned as an indispensable power infrastructure, is featured by real-time and two-way communications. How to securely retrieve and audit the communicated metering data for validation testing is, however, still challenging for smart grid. In this paper, we propose a novel privacy-preserving range query (PaRQ) scheme over encrypted metering(More)
There has been a recent increase of interest in analyzing trust and friendship networks to gain insights about relationship dynamics among users. Many sites such as Epinions, Facebook, and other social networking sites allow users to declare trusts or friendships between different members of the community. In this work, we are interested in extracting(More)