Kuan-Yueh James Shen

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An understanding of how oncogenes affect differentiated liver functions might lead to improved treatments for liver cancer or other disorders where liver-specific functions are compromised. A retroviral vector that coexpressed beta-galactosidase (beta-gal) and activated Ras genes (Ras-gal) was transduced into a small fraction of adult rat hepatocytes in(More)
(because the star is assumed to be left bound). We infer for SN 2002bj photospheric velocities that drop rapidly from about 8400 km s −1 at detection to 2000 km s −1 3 weeks later. Extrapolating to an explosion date 7 days before detection , the initial velocity could have been between 14,000 km s −1 (linear extrapolation) and ~25,000 km s −1 [exponential(More)
Supernovae are thought to arise from two different physical processes. The cores of massive, short-lived stars undergo gravitational core collapse and typically eject a few solar masses during their explosion. These are thought to appear as type Ib/c and type II supernovae, and are associated with young stellar populations. In contrast, the thermonuclear(More)
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