Kuan-Yu Lai

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Retention registers have been widely used in power gated design to store data during sleep mode. Since they consume much larger area and power than normal registers, it is imperative to minimize the total retention storage size. The current industry practice only replace all registers with single-bit retention ones, which significantly limits the design(More)
Sub-threshold designs play an important role in energy-constrained applications. In those designs, path delays depend exponentially on threshold voltage/temperature. As such, dynamic configurations at runtime are desired for best trade-off between operating power and performance. Unfortunately, most existing works only consider either process or temperature(More)
Understanding the genetic basis of the physical and behavioral traits that separate humans from other primates is a challenging but intriguing topic. The adaptive functions of the expansion and/or reduction in human brain size have long been explored. From a brain transcriptome project we have identified a KRAB-Zn finger protein-encoding gene (M003-A06)(More)
BACKGROUND The Chinese version of the Activities of Daily Living Rating Scale III (ADLRS-III), which has 10 domains, is commonly used for assessing activities of daily living (ADL) in patients with schizophrenia. However, construct validity (i.e., unidimensionality) for each domain of the ADLRS-III is unknown, limiting the explanations of the test results.(More)
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