Kuan Yu Chen

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Many numerical methods have been developed for the solution of Poisson and Laplace equations such as finite-difference methods, finite-element methods, boundary-element methods, etc. Sinc numerical methods developed recently by Stenger and co-workers excel over other methods for problems involving singularities, infinite or semi-infinite domains as well as(More)
Generally speaking, vision based simultaneous localization and mapping (V-SLAM) systems have to avoid obstacles especially for the people moving around in the environment because it will cause temporary landmarks captured by camera, and thus will increase computational loading and estimative error in the V-SLAM system. However, in some situations, we cannot(More)
Gender recognition for interactive functions becomes essential topic in terms of service robotics applications. Ensemble learning which combines multiple classifiers prediction is now an active area of research in Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition. We propose an ensemble learning to facilitate gender classification. The features which we use are raw(More)
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