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This paper presents a novel viewer counter for an environment in which a stationary camera can count the number of people watching an electronic billboard without counting the repetitions in real time video streams. The potential buyers actually watching an advertisement or merchandise are captured via frontal face detection techniques. To count the number(More)
This paper introduces a visual-based system, which can count the number of viewers and recognize their gender in front of an electronic billboard in real-time video streams. The viewers actually watching an advertisement are captured via frontal face detection techniques. To count the number of viewer precisely, the problem of occlusions between viewers is(More)
Contact measurements of the respiratory rate by using whether conventional electrocardiogram (ECG) equipment or gas sensors with chest straps would cause inconvenience for patients. Therefore, a novel image-based non-contact technique is developed for respiratory rate evaluation and human target detection based on image depth information is also proposed to(More)
Tongue diagnosis is important in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). When doctors analyze the diseases, they usually observe the patient health base on the shape, color and size of tongue. In order to decrease the mistake of subjective judgment, we aim to develop an automatic tongue feature detection system that can help the doctor diagnosis in more(More)
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