Kuan-Yi Ho

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Wireless sensor network in industrial environment (denoted IWSN) has data delivery time constraint. Due to the reactive routing and transmission collision, the data delivery time in IWSN with CSMA/CA scheme is unpredictable. In this paper, we utilize Time Division Multiple Access (denoted TDMA) MAC to avoid data collision and to bound transmission delay.(More)
This study develops the first heteropentametal extended metal atom chain (EMAC) in which a string of nickel cores is incorporated with a diruthenium unit to tune the molecular properties. Spectroscopic, crystallographic, and magnetic characterizations show the formation of a fully delocalized Ru2(5+) unit. This [Ru2]-containing EMAC exhibits single-molecule(More)
Unfolding polyhedra beyond genus zero (i.e., with holes) is challenging, yet it has not been investigated until very recently. We show two types of orthogonal polyhedra of arbitrary genus, namely, wellseparated orthographs and regular orthogonal polyhedra with xand zholes, to enjoy (2 × 1)-grid-unfoldings, generalizing some prior work in the literature by(More)
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