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Track 1 of KDDCup 2011 aims at predicting the rating behavior of users in the Yahoo! Music system. At National Taiwan University, we organize a course that teams up students to work on both tracks of KDDCup 2011. For track 1, we first tackle the problem by building variants of existing individual models, including Matrix Factorization, Restricted Boltzmann(More)
This paper presents a hybrid active power filter to achieve power quality compensation. There is a passive filter and an active power filter in the adopted system. The passive power filter is used to filter the low order harmonic current with large power rating. The active power filter with low power rating is used to filter the other high order harmonics.(More)
This paper presents a single-phase and three-phase dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) to protect the sensitive loads against the voltage disturbances due to short-term abnormal voltage conditions. The reduced switch-count inverter is adopted in the single-phase system to compensate voltage disturbance for low power applications. The front-end ac/dc converter is(More)
The track 2 problem in KDD Cup 2011 (music recommendation) is to discriminate between music tracks highly rated by a given user from those which are overall highly rated, but not rated by the given user. The training dataset consists of not only user rating history but also the taxonomic information of track, artist, album, and genre. This paper describes(More)
This paper proposes a model to derive an overall assessment index of the quality for IPTV network in order to make the network faults diagnosis more efficiently. This paper also provides a systematic approach to estimate the quality index based on the packet loss events. This model has been applied to the actual operational environment, not only to(More)
Cholesteric liquid crystal (ChLC) bi-stable displays were fabricated on 100 μm thick flexible glass front- and backplane substrates. The flexible glass substrates were 250 mm × 300 mm in size, and the displays were fabricated using Gen2 equipment by temporarily attaching the substrates to processing carriers. No significant fabrication issues(More)
Tower cranes are very complex mechanical systems and have been the subject of research investigations to reduce the swaying of the payload for several decades. Inherently, the dynamical model of the tower cranes is highly nonlinear and classified as underactuated. Also, the actuators are far from the payload which makes the system non-colocated. It is(More)
This paper describes the solution of National Taiwan University for track 2 of KDD Cup 2012. Track 2 of KDD Cup 2012 aims to predict the click-through rate of ads on Tencent proprietary search engine. We exploit classification, regression, ranking, and factorization models to utilize a variety of different signatures captured from the dataset. We then blend(More)
A multi-function of series active power filter is presented to achieve current harmonic and load voltage regulation. Under the normal utility voltage condition, the series inverter is controlled to achieve current harmonic suppression so that the total harmonic distortion is reduced. If the abnormal utility voltage is detected at the load side, the series(More)
This paper developed an Ontology-supported Information Agent Shell (OntoIAS) based on the ontology and information agent technologies. It contains the four main modules, including information crawling, information extracting, information classifying, and information presenting/ranking and orderly corresponding to OntoCrawler, OntoExtractor, OntoClassifier,(More)