Kuan-Ming Lu

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Retinoid signaling plays a crucial role in patterning rhombomeres in the hindbrain and motor neurons in the spinal cord during development. A fundamentally interesting question is whether retinoids can pattern functional organization in the forebrain that generates a high order of cognitive behavior. The striatum contains a compartmental structure of(More)
Cortico-basal ganglia circuits are critical for speech and language and are implicated in autism spectrum disorder, in which language function can be severely affected. We demonstrate that in the mouse striatum, the gene Foxp2 negatively interacts with the synapse suppressor gene Mef2c. We present causal evidence that Mef2c inhibition by Foxp2 in neonatal(More)
Striatal projection neurons comprise two populations of striatonigral and striatopallidal neurons. These two neuronal populations play distinct roles in controlling movement-related functions in the basal ganglia circuits. An important issue is how striatal progenitors are developmentally specified into these two distinct neuronal populations. In the(More)
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