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Visible watermarking schemes are among the techniques being used to protect intellectual property rights (IPRs). To provide authorized users better visibility, a new research issue called removable visible wa-termarking has been proposed recently. In this paper, an enhancement of Huang and Tang's scheme is proposed to achieve removability. Authorized users(More)
Vehicular wireless communication for real-time or emergent events notification is an important issue in VANETs. In this article we construct an integrated architecture for the implementation of dynamic routing/navigation application in VANET environment using iWCU®- a WAVE/DSRC device developed by ITRI1 of Taiwan. The Dynamic navigation field test in(More)
TPEG is a standard which specify the traffic and travel information. This paper applies a fountain coding mechanism to DSMCC that speed up TPEG XML reception time in transmission signal unstable regions. Sometimes the broadcaster encodes TPEG services as XML format and transmitting XML based TPEG services on unidirectional data carousel transportation such(More)
The side-match vector quantization (SMVQ) technique has been widely used in various image compression and hiding techniques. It effectively decreases the bit rates of image with a great compressed quality. However, the prediction is not precise while the variation between the encoded block and its neighboring upper and left blocks is large. Due to the(More)
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