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Although multiple channels are supported in the physical layer, the IEEE 802.11 MAC layer mechanism is designed for using a single channel. Exploiting multiple channels enhances spatial reuse and reduces transmission collisions and thus improves network throughput. Designing a multi-channel MAC protocol is much more difficult than designing a singlechannel(More)
This paper presents a pipeline VLSI design of fast singular value decomposition (SVD) processor for real-time electroencephalography (EEG) system based on on-line recursive independent component analysis (ORICA). Since SVD is used frequently in computations of the real-time EEG system, a low-latency and high-accuracy SVD processor is essential. During the(More)
This paper presents an efficient VLSI implementation of on-line recursive ICA (ORICA) processor for real-time multi-channel EEG signal separation. The proposed design contains a system control unit, a whitening unit, a singular value decomposition unit, a floating matrix multiply unit and, and an ORICA weight training unit. Because the input sample rate of(More)
This is a proposal for an efficient very-large-scale integration (VLSI) design, 16-channel on-line recursive independent component analysis (ORICA) processor ASIC for real-time EEG system, implemented with TSMC 40 nm CMOS technology. ORICA is appropriate to be used in real-time EEG system to separate artifacts because of its highly efficient and real-time(More)
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