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Dynamins are fission proteins that mediate endocytic and exocytic membrane events and are pharmacological therapeutic targets. These studies investigate whether dynamin II regulates constitutive protein secretion and show for the first time that pharmacological inhibition of dynamin decreases secretion of apolipoprotein E (apoE) and several other proteins(More)
This paper focuses on line features extraction and fusion problems in sensing the environment for indoor mobile robot with sonar sensor. A sonar model is firstly built using a large amount of sonar experimental data that is obtained through testing different ranges for the sonar sensor. Then the sonar data consisted of points detected from the sonar is(More)
This article take the elevator controller for research object and investigate the elevator control system based on taking the SCM as the core of the elevator controller. The control function of elevator is divided into several modules and different controller complete particular functions of each part. The author analyzes PID controller characteristics, the(More)
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