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A Novel Class of Gibberellin 2-Oxidases Control Semidwarfism, Tillering, and Root Development in Rice[W]
Gibberellin 2-oxidases (GA2oxs) regulate plant growth by inactivating endogenous bioactive gibberellins (GAs). Two classes of GA2oxs inactivate GAs through 2β-hydroxylation: a larger class of C19Expand
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A rice gene activation/knockout mutant resource for high throughput functional genomics
Using transfer DNA (T-DNA) with functions of gene trap and gene knockout and activation tagging, a mutant population containing 55,000 lines was generated. Approximately 81% of this populationExpand
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Genetic resources offer efficient tools for rice functional genomics research.
Rice is an important crop and major model plant for monocot functional genomics studies. With the establishment of various genetic resources for rice genomics, the next challenge is to systematicallyExpand
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SnRK1A-Interacting Negative Regulators Modulate the Nutrient Starvation Signaling Sensor SnRK1 in Source-Sink Communication in Cereal Seedlings under Abiotic Stress [C] [W]
This work identifies a family of plant-specific SnRK1A-interacting negative regulators, SKINs, which repress SnRK1A-dependent sugar/nutrient starvation signaling by inhibiting the induction of enzymeExpand
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