Ksibi Imen

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We propose a general framework to evaluate similarities from cooccurrence statistics between seabed textures within sonar images. Our approach aim at defining a texture based similarity as a weighted sum of the distances between cooccurrence distributions for a considered set of interaction types. The weighting factor introduces the discrimination power of(More)
The combined prevalence of partial or complete agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC) is estimated at 0.02-0.5%.This common brain malformation mainly due to a prenatal abnormality commissuration. We report a case of diagnosis of isolated fetal CCA. Magnetic resonance imaging appears to be an important adjunct as it allows direct visualization. The prognosis(More)
A CO(2)-laser-based laser ablative chemical etching (LACE) technique was used for the rapid (milliseconds) fabrication of micrometer-scale taps in the cladding of multimode silica optical fibers. In the initial experiments the optical-quality surfaces of the etched groove directionally radiate approximately one third of the total tap output. The fraction of(More)
The possibility of ion-acoustic solitary-wave solutions in the uniform plasma on the high-potential side of double layer is investigated. Based on a fluid model of the double layer, it is found that both compressive and rarefactive solitary waves are allowed. Curves are presented which show the regions in parameter space in which these solutions exist.
We propose a region-based segmentation of textured sonar images within a level set framework. We state image segmentation as the minimization of an energy involving region regularity constraints and a texture similarity measure adapted to sonar images (introduced in our previous work [Karoui, I., et al., 2005]). In this framework, sonar textures are(More)
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