Kshitiz Gupta

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BACKGROUND The chemical property and biological function of a protein is a direct consequence of its primary structure. Several algorithms have been developed which determine alignment and similarity of primary protein sequences. However, character based similarity cannot provide insight into the structural aspects of a protein. We present a method based on(More)
In this report, we describe using ultraviolet (UV)-assisted capillary force lithography (CFL) to create a model substratum of anisotropic micro- and nanotopographic pattern arrays with variable local density for the analysis of cell-substratum interactions. A single cell adhesion substratum with the constant ridge width (1 microm), and depth (400 nm) and(More)
Marginal zone B cells (MZB) participate in the early immune response to several pathogens. In this study, we show that in μMT mice infected with Leishmania donovani, CD8 T cells displayed a greater cytotoxic potential and generated more effector memory cells compared with infected wild type mice. The frequency of parasite-specific, IFN-γ(+) CD4 T cells was(More)
BACKGROUND Prediction of function of proteins on the basis of structure and vice versa is a partially solved problem, largely in the domain of biophysics and biochemistry. This underlies the need of computational and bioinformatics approach to solve the problem. Large and organized latent knowledge on protein classification exists in the form of(More)
In this paper we consider models for predicting the number of upvotes on a reddit submission. We examine features such as the number of votes, number of comments, time of submission, upvote history of users, images, and subreddits of the submission. We compare Support Vector Regression, Linear Regression, and Gradient Boosting Regression models for(More)
Source code plagiarism is a growing concern in academia. Programming assignments are used to evaluate students in programming courses. Therefore, checking programming assignments for plagiarism is essential. If a course consists of a large number of students, it is impractical for a human inspector to check each assignment, and while automated tools are(More)
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