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Solar Powered Smart Irrigation System Using Internet of Things
In the present scenario, availability of power and water are insufficient to satisfy the farmer's requirements. Expand
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Development of an Internet of Things (IoT) Based Introductory Laboratory for Undergraduate Engineering Students
In this paper, details of various stages of development of an introductory laboratory based on IoT are presented. Expand
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A Modified 7-Level Reduced Switch Symmetrical Inverter
In this paper, a modified reduced switch topology based 7-level inverter is proposed which require only 7 or 6 switches. Expand
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Design and Implementation of an Internet of Things based Prototype for Smart Home Automation System
The concept of automation coupled with advancement in technology and Android based smart phones have resulted in refined and smart lifestyles. Expand
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A Comparative Analysis of Different Topologies of an Eleven Level Inverter for Solar Power Applications
This paper presents a comparative analysis of four different topologies of an eleven level inverter (ELI) based on criterion like total harmonic distortion, complexity of the circuit and numbers of switching devices and components considering solar photo voltaic cells via boosters as input sources. Expand
Design and Simulation of a Standalone Photovoltaic System Using Synchronous Boost Converter and Reduced Switch Five-Level Inverter
This paper presents the design and simulation of a standalone photovoltaic (PV) system. To convert DC voltage obtained from the solar panels, which varies with the temperature and light intensity,Expand
Haptic Display Unit: IoT For Visually Impaired
This paper tries to rectify particular cons of the existing Piezoelectric Braille display designs by updating it to the solenoid activated units and to make the haptic display units more reliable by empowering with IoT functionality. Expand
Development of an IoT-Based Tourism Guide System
Tourism as an industry is multi-segmented in nature and is considered to be an economic bonanza. It not only helps in generation of national income but also contributes in the expansion of employmentExpand
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Designing and Sizing of a Stand-alone Photovoltaic System: A Case Study
This paper deals with various aspects relating to designing and sizing of a stand-alone photovoltaic (SPV) system for a location in Bhubaneswar. Expand