Kshiramani Naik

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In this paper, the authors have proposed an image cryptosystem for protecting the confidential image data with a high level of security. The encryption algorithm is developed into two phases where in the first phase, the secret image data set is scrambled or shuffled based on the Arnold's cat map and in the second phase the scrambled image is diffused(More)
In this paper, the authors have proposed a binary watermark embedding approach for protecting the copyright ownership of the gray-scale images. The proposed watermark embedding process is realized in integer wavelet transform (IWT) domain to defend the robustness property. Instead of inserting the watermark bits directly in the coefficients of cover media,(More)
Selective image cryptosystem is a popular method due to its low computational overhead for enciphering the large volume of digital images. Generally selective cryptosystem encrypts the significant part of the data set while the insignificant part is considered in compression process. As a result, such kind of approaches reduces the computational overhead of(More)
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