Kshanti Greene

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The Engine for Composable Logical Agents with Intuitive Reorganization (ECLAIR) is a cognitive agent architecture that allows an agent to quickly adapt its behavior to new environments. ECLAIR addresses two problems in agent learning: generalizing the process of adaptation and detecting when adaptation is required. ECLAIR incorporates the main mechanisms(More)
In order to know if new electronic voting systems truly represent a gain in usability, it is necessary to have information about the usability of more traditional voting methods. The usability of three different voting methods was evaluated using the metrics recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology: efficiency, effectiveness, and(More)
The potential of human computation may be stymied by a curious phenomenon that as the size of a group of collaborators increases, the efficiency of the group typically decreases. The study described in this paper tests our hypothesis that communication mechanisms are key to unlocking collaborative potential. In particular, we sought to evaluate whether a(More)
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