Kshama Roy

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BACKGROUND Neuropeptide Y (NPY) deficient mice consume more ethanol than controls, whereas NPY over-expressing mice consume less ethanol than controls. Thus, ethanol drinking may be inversely associated with NPY activity. To determine whether exogenously administered NPY would alter ethanol intake, two experiments were conducted. METHODS A within-subject(More)
The healing activities of black tea (BT) and the theaflavins (TF) against the indomethacin-induced stomach ulceration were studied in a mouse model. Indomethacin (18 mg/kg, p.o.) administration induced maximum ulceration in the glandular portion of the gastric mucosa on the 3rd day, accompanied by increased lipid peroxidation and protein oxidation,(More)
While there are quite a number of reports on vascular injuries complicating hip arthropasty by acetabular component screw fixation, retractor tip pressure or extruding bone cement, the incidence of deep femoral vessel injuries in operative fixation of proximal femoral fractures is comparatively seldom described. We report on two patients with per- and(More)
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