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Stress alone is generally not sufficient to produce serious disease, but stress imposed upon pre-existing disease can contribute to disease progression. To explore this phenomenon, cold-immobilization stress was imposed on young 12.5 month, necrotic phase with small vessel coronary spasm) and older (5 month, quiescent phase, between necrosis and heart(More)
A number of cardiac metabolic intermediates, namely, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), H+, phosphocreatine (PCr), inorganic phosphate (Pi), adenosine diphosphate (ADP), and related functions of these intermediates, Gibbs' free energy of ATP hydrolysis (delta G) and phosphorylation ratio [ATP/(ADP.Pi)], are thought to adjust mitochondrial oxidative(More)
Vitamin C in its pure form or as a component of multivitamin and combined drugs belongs to the over-the-counter drugs that are available not only at the chemist's but in retail shops as well. Intensive promotion of the advantages of vitamin C as the compound that augments immunity to all sorts of infections, accelerates recovery, eliminates the symptoms of(More)
The present study was performed to determine whether 31P NMR relaxation times (T1) of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) might be used to monitor the resultant altered myocardial physiology produced by ischemia and possibly to explain mechanisms of altered physiology. To this end, pre- and postischemic T1s were determined in hearts perfused in the Langendorff(More)
Intracellular sodium content in superfused isolated rat cardiomyocytes was measured using 23Na nuclear magnetic resonance. The shift reagent dysprosium tripolyphosphate was added to the buffer to distinguish between NMR signals from the intracellular region and the extracellular buffer. The NMR visibility of the intracellular sodium signal was(More)
The ability to detect HIV-1 in tissues that are not readily amenable to biopsy greatly limits the diagnosis and control of HIV infection, and ultimately, our ability to understand HIV-induced disease pathology. In view of this, we explored the utility of diagnostically measuring HIV-1 infection using (31)P nuclear magnetic resonance ((31)P-NMR). (31)P-NMR(More)
BACKGROUND Neutrophils in uremia maintain chronic inflammation, which contributes to malnutrition and immunity disorders. The influence of hemodialysis on the life span of neutrophils is unclear, although many authors postulate its apoptotic effect. Erythropoietin (EPO) is an antiapoptotic factor for various cells. We investigated factors possibly(More)
Metabolic differences between cardiomyopathic hamsters (CMHs), as they progress through various physiologic phases before reaching end-stage heart failure (HF), and healthy hamsters (HHs) are often difficult to demonstrate. We suggest that metabolic differences, magnified by application of chronic stress (S: cold immobilization 2 hr/day for 5 days) followed(More)
The etiology and pathogenesis of fibrillary glomerulonephritis (FGN) remains unknown. The presented case shows an extremely rare FGN in association with commonly diagnosed diabetes. A 74-year-old, non-smoking, obese and diabetic woman was hospitalized due to a progressive and accelerated decrease in the renal function. The primary cause of chronic kidney(More)
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