Krzysztof Wójcik

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The paper presents an analysis of cases of treatment of humeral shaft fracture non-union following operative treatment. Non-union was treated by locked intramedullary nailing in all patients. Bone destruction at the fracture site is an indication for using bone grafts. In our opinion autologous bone marrow injection to the fracture site is an effective(More)
Concomitant ipsilateral shaft and femoral neck or pertrochanteric fractures are uncommon. They result from high-energy traumas and the mechanism of injury is usually complex. The proximal fracture is often not displaced and may be hardly visible on x-rays. Overlooking the proximal fracture may result in therapeutic problems. The best method of treatment is(More)
Fifty-three patients with unilateral hip arthritis (31 females, 22 males) aged from 29 to 66 years (mean 52.1 years) after total hip replacement with cementless Parhofer-Mönch endoprosthesis underwent densitometry. The content (BMC) and mineral density (BMD) of calcium within proximal end of the femur was evaluated at 8-12 days postoperatively and at 6, 12(More)
The phenomenon of Förster Resonance Energy Transfer, commonly used to measure the distances between fluorophore molecules and to study interactions between fluorescent-tagged proteins in life sciences, can also be applied in nanocommunication networks to transfer information bits. The mechanism offers a relatively large throughput and very small delays, but(More)
Five patients treated operatively on account of tibia and femur shaft delayed union and pseudoarthrosis were re-operated by locked intramedullary nailing. The method permits stable bone fixation. Intramedullary canal reaming stimulates bone union, as it refreshes fracture site and is a source of bone graft. Intramedullary nail covers anatomical axis of bone(More)
This article describes a proposition and first examples of using inductive learning methods in building of the image understanding system with the hierarchical structure of knowledge. This system may be utilized in various task of automatic image interpretation, classification and image enhancement. The paper points to the essential problems of the whole(More)
Results of surgical treatment for Salter-Harris type II distal femoral epiphysis injury in 4 boys aged 10-16 are presented. In 3 cases the epiphysis was fixed with two screws introduced above the growth plate. Kirschner wires inserted through epiphysis were used in one case. Healing occurred in all cases. Shortening of the femur due to the injury to the(More)
Densitometry for assessment of mineral changes after Parhofer-Mönch total hip replacement 10 mm around the acetabular component has been done in 53 patients (31 females and 22 males, mean age 52.1 years) with unilateral hip arthritis. Lunar DPX apparatus has been used, "manual analysis" of "Orthopedic" software and modification of DeLee and Charnley zones(More)
The paper presents the case of a young snowboarder injured after falling down on a hill slope. Pelvis and spine computed tomography with 3D reconstruction visualised fractures not visible on standard radiographs. Not all injuries to the pelvis can be seen on a-p radiographs. It is due to its complex spatial anatomy and the presence of gas-filled tissue(More)