Krzysztof Wójcik

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Rapid and accurate detection and identification of viruses causing respiratory tract infections is important for patient care and disease control. Despite the fact that several assays are available, identification of an etiological agent is not possible in ~30% of patients suffering from respiratory tract diseases. Therefore, the aim of the current study(More)
Clinical observations indicate that impairment of venous and lymphatic microcirculation is a major complication of orthopedic surgery. Usually it is older patients with certain risk factors that are affected. The symptoms are generally present after knee or hip arthroplasty, but they may occur even after less invasive procedures performed on patients with(More)
Background. MRIs were obtained from 24 patients with suspicion of small pelvis pathology, with no indication of hip joint pathology.<br /> Results and Conclusions. Based on the normal descriptive and topographical anatomy of the hip joint and its vicinity, the authors identified on the MRIs the main bony, muscular, vascular and nervous structures comprising(More)
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