Krzysztof Szydło

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BACKGROUND Premature ventricular beats (PVBs) and monomorphic ventricular tachycardia originating from the right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) are the most frequent forms of idiopathic ventricular arrhythmias, but arrhythmia originating from the left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT) may be found in about 10% of these patients. AIM To compare(More)
INTRODUCTION In patients with atrial fibrillation (AF), significantly symptomatic in particular, restoring and maintaining sinus rhythm is one of treatment strategies. Considering the limited efficacy and side effects of anti-arrhythmic agents, growing hopes are attributed to the developing techniques of percutaneous ablation. AIM To determine the(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the widespread use of reperfusion methods, the long-term outcome after primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is variable, and accurate risk stratification is of clinical importance. AIM To assess the predictors of long term outcome after PCI for acute anterior myocardial infarction (AMI). METHODS One hundred and(More)
BACKGROUND Negative T wave and lack of ST segment elevation in predischarge ECG in ST-segment elevation myocardial infraction (STEMI) patients are given as markers of good prognosis. Repolarization duration, especially its late part (TpeakTend - TpTe), likewise ST-T patterns, is related to local post-myocardial infarction myocardial attributes. We analyzed(More)
INTRODUCTION The main limitation of coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is rapid neointimal hyperplasia leading to graft failure. AIM To assess plaque formation in saphenous vein grafts (SVG) covered by an external Dacron stent in comparison with the classical technique. MATERIAL AND METHODS In the study group vein grafts covered by external stent(More)
BACKGROUND Left ventricle remodeling (LVR) is regarded as a marker of unfavorable outcome in patients following acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Repolarization, especially its late part (TpeakTend), is strongly related to local myocardial attributes. We assessed prospectively in this study if repolarization duration (measured from one hour of nighttime)(More)
BACKGROUND Prognostic significance of clinical and non-invasive risk markers in patients after surgical revascularisation remains unclear, especially in post-infarction patients with left ventricular (LV) dysfunction. AIM The single-centre, prospective study was designed to assess survival and the predictive power of several clinical and non- -invasive(More)
BACKGROUND Despite rapid and complete recanalization of infarct-related artery with percutaneous coronary intervention, microvascular integrity is not often preserved. Several mechanical devices have been proposed to prevent distal embolization, but the impact of these devices on myocardial perfusion remains controversial. AIM The aim of our study was to(More)
PURPOSE We assessed the value of left atrium speckle tracking imaging (STI) indices, and clinical and other echocardiographic parameters in persistent atrial fibrillation (AF) patients to predict the efficacy of electrical cardioversion (EC) and sinus rhythm (SR) maintenance at 6 months. MATERIAL/METHODS Eighty persistent AF patients planned to receive(More)