Krzysztof Stefaniak

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An upper second permanent molar from a human was found alongside numerous tools of the Micoquian tradition and was excavated in Stajnia Cave, which is located over 100 km North of the Carpathian Mountains in southern Poland. The age of these finds has been established within a time-span of late Saalian to early Weichselian, most likely to OIS 5c or 5a,(More)
During these changing times in the healthcare environment, staff development and management must work together to provide competent staffing models. This article focuses on an innovative pilot internship program that was developed and implemented collaboratively by the management/staff development team. The article describes a cross-training program for new(More)
The paper discusses selected aspects of logistics with regard to a construction company as an organisation and as a participant in a construction project. On the basis of a recent research in Poland, patterns of development of logistic systems and relations between the participants of construction projects have been presented. The project delivery systems(More)
The cave bear (Ursus spelaeus sensu lato) is a typical representative of Pleistocene megafauna which became extinct at the end of the Last Glacial. Detailed knowledge of cave bear extinction could explain this spectacular ecological transformation. The paper provides a report on the youngest remains of the cave bear dated to 20,930 ± 140 14C years before(More)
In many ways, acute hospital care and hospice care are two very different health care modalities based on two very different philosophies. Acute hospital care is primarily curative in nature, and of course, hospice is palliative care. This major philosophical difference renders understanding, appreciation, and relinquishing care to each other difficult, and(More)
Rapid development of mobile technology and growing number of users open new possibilities in the context of using mobile devices in the healthcare. Despite that, the resources and computing power of these devices are still far less than desktop computers. Thus, one can take into account these limitations when designing applications for such devices. On the(More)
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