Krzysztof Sikorski

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This thesis has been read by each member of the following supervisory committee and by majority vote has been found to be satisfactory. I have read the thesis of Steven Paul Callahan in its final form and have found that (1) its format, citations, and bibliographic style are consistent and acceptable; (2) its illustrative materials including figures,(More)
We report a tool for the analysis of subcellular proteomics data, called MetaMass, based on the use of standardized lists of subcellular markers. We analyzed data from 11 studies using MetaMass, mapping the subcellular location of 5,970 proteins. Our analysis revealed large variations in the performance of subcellular fractionation protocols as well as(More)
Knowledge acquisition and representation is an integral part of an active cognitive system, and such systems are continuously updating their knowledge of their own embodiment , the external world and the relation between the two. Given a stream of control commands and sensory data, we want to understand how the three types of knowledge are acquired. We(More)
An inversion technique comprising stochastic search and regularized gradient optimization was developed to solve the atmospheric source characterization problem. The inverse problem comprises retrieving the spatial coordinates, source strength, and the wind speed and wind direction at the source, given certain receptor locations and concentration values at(More)
A review of computational complexity results for approximating fixed points of Lipschitz functions is presented. Univariate and multivariate results are summarized for the second and infinity norm cases as well as the absolute, residual and relative error criteria. Contractive, nonexpansive, directionally nonexpansive, and expansive classes of functions are(More)
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