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A method is described for modeling, verification and automatic generation of code for PLC controllers. The modeling of requirements and the implementation of code are based on a definition of a finite state time machine. The verification process uses UPPAAL, a model checking tool for the networks of timed automata. A conversion between both models is done(More)
The paper describes syntax, behavior and formal semantics of a new class of timed automata, which are tailored for modeling the behavior of real-time systems. A formal method for automatic generation of programs is developed around this model. The method starts from modeling the desired behavior of the system under design by means of a UML-based state(More)
Cold atomic gases are perfect laboratories for realization of quantum simulators. In order to simulate solid state systems in the presence of magnetic fields special effort has to be made because atoms are charge neutral. There are different methods for realization of artificial magnetic fields, that is the creation of specific conditions so that the motion(More)