Krzysztof Sacha

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We investigate, both experimentally and theoretically, possible routes towards Anderson-like localization of Bose-Einstein condensates in disordered potentials. The dependence of this quantum interference effect on the nonlinear interactions and the shape of the disorder potential is investigated. Experiments with an optical lattice and a superimposed(More)
A method is described for modeling, verification and automatic generation of code for PLC controllers. The modeling of requirements and the implementation of code are based on a definition of a finite state time machine. The verification process uses UPPAAL, a model checking tool for the networks of timed automata. A conversion between both models is done(More)
The paper describes syntax, behavior and formal semantics of a new class of timed automata, which are tailored for modeling the behavior of real-time systems. A formal method for automatic generation of programs is developed around this model. The method starts from modeling the desired behavior of the system under design by means of a UML-based state(More)
The paper describes a method, which we used to evaluate the expected quality of software that was developed for a huge governmental system. The evaluation lasted nearly two years and was performed along with the software development process. The output that was expected by our customer consisted of a quality assessment accompanied by a set of(More)